Rachel Maddow and Welfare Drug Testing in Florida

Aug 25

Rachel Maddow and Welfare Drug Testing in Florida

Rachel Maddow ranted last night about Florida’s new drug testing policy for welfare applicants (Specifically applicants applying for CASH MONEY as opposed to food vouchers, etc…She didn’t talk about that part).

She sites a slanted article on TBO.com stating that only 2% of applicants were getting popped for the welfare drug test and according to a 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 8.7 percent of the population nationally over age 12 uses illicit drugs.

Rachel Maddow’s brain is working like so…

Republican governor enacts law which forces drug testing on poor people.  Only 2% are popping on the drug test when the average is 9%, so it is obvious the governor was wrong about the amount of drug use in the poor population applying for cash.

But… a poor drug user might think like so…

Pay 30 dollars for a drug test? Fail it and not get any benefits? F that, I’m not taking no drug test.


30 dollars for a drug test? I don’t have 30 dollars. That’s why I need the cash.


I’m not applying any more. I was just using that money for drugs any ways.


I guess I will wait to apply until I am clean.


What Rachel Maddow doesn’t get…

Apparently 2 percent of the cash welfare applicants in Florida are not only drug users, but also F-ing morons. Hmmm, mandatory drug test to get my cash bennies and I smoked crack yesterday. Hmmm I should be good. Ya, I’ll pay 30 bucks for a pee test and then take it. WTF WTF WTF REALLY? How big of an idiot do you have to be?

Seriously… the only thing that the 2% stat shows us is that 2% of Florida welfare users are F-Ing idiots.

-The idiot

P.S. I’m against drug testing for welfare applicants. But I’m also against stupidity. Gov Scott apparently has some interest in the drug testing facilities that make money off of this. So basically… the Florida government reimburses the drug test costs giving tax payer money to a drug testing facility.

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