Classroom Size BS

Aug 24

Classroom Size BS

Heard another radio show today, I believe it was Ed Schultz, bitching about the classroom sizes in US schools.

How dare they go over 25 kids in a single class!  LOL

Lets take a look at some cold, hard FACTS.

If you actually research this stuff… you can look at other countries… hmm like Japan or Korea.

Both countries have on average, larger class sizes than the US by as much as 5-10 kids.

Yet, they are kicking US asses as far as international tests in math, science, AND reading.

How could it be? WELL…

Having seen first hand the kids and adults in these countries I can tell you in one word. Discipline.

#1 The teachers aren’t afraid to call out a kid and tell them to “cool it.” They aren’t afraid to stand them up in front of the whole room and hurt their little feelings for being disruptive.

#2 The parents educate their kids at home too.  It would be a hard find to locate a kid in Japan playing video games for more than 30 minutes a day, or watching TV. US parents on average…SUCK! That’s right, I said it. The kids suck because of the parents. You won’t find my kids watching TV all day. What…. your bored… go in your room and read a book, do some crafts, clean something. I have to say this is primarily because of my Asian wife. She’s the one that taught me how stupid US parents and schools are.

Growing up, my wife’s class sizes were 40+.

We need to make it mandatory for our colleges to require classroom management studies to teaching graduates. Maybe some discipline classes too. These should be live, with labs, with rowdy kids.

The #1 reason the teachers unions and such are going for smaller classroom sizes is not for quality education. They are doing this because it will reduce the papers they have to grade and the work they have to do. They are LAZY, and that is the root of the problem with the teachers and the parents.

Sorry if you have to grade 40 papers a night in your evening OFF teacher. We pay you a years salary for less than a years worth of work. You are going to have to work some nights for it. I wish my job would let me off for the whole summer. Tough luck. You chose the career because of your “love for kids”… well… then do the work like Japanese and Korean teachers do. Manage your classroom. Grade papers. Enjoy your summers off. Stop bitching.

-The idiot.

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