Obama Immigration Policy Explained

Aug 20

Obama Immigration Policy Explained

Presidential Campaign Adviser: “President Obama. Your poll numbers among Mexican Americans have dropped to an all time low and Perry is from Texas.

President Obama: “I see. What can I do about it?”

Presidential Campaign Adviser: “How about using your policy powers to get a bump in the polls?”

President Obama: “Sounds great. I’ll stop deporting illegal aliens as long as they haven’t killed anyone. Then, knowing that it is just a policy and not a law passed by congress, the families and friends of those I didn’t deport will have to vote for me. If they vote republican, it will break up their families or ship out their friends. Perfect.”

Presidential Campaign Adviser: “Sir, that is what they have been asking for since 2008.”

President: “Right, but it wasn’t worth any votes until now.”



Seems the only time President Obama will show any signs of decisive leadership is when it is going to cost him votes or gain him votes.

-The idiot





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