Warrent Buffett wants more taxes

Aug 18

Warren Buffet recently published a letter saying he wanted to pay more taxes and he was tired of being coddled by the government. Matt Damon said something similar. I love how these rich, out of touch idiots like to talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. If anyone reading this wants to pay more money for government, the government has made it easy for you to do that…


That’s a link to pay down the national debt. From the same site you can pay any government agency you want.

So, to all you rich dill-holes out there that want to pay more taxes. PAY MORE TAXES. It’s not that hard, fill out the form, pop in your credit card number and pay as much as you think is appropriate.

Also, if you want to pay more taxes, you can pay mine. I’m a struggling business owner finally starting to make it. Knowing that 25+ percent of everything I make for the rest of the year is going to the government which is not going to give me anything for it, is pissing me off. With that extra moola it could increase my chances of hiring someone else.

Whatever. If you want to pay more taxes, pay more, or pay mine, but don’t whine like a bitch to the papers that everyone should, when you won’t even take it upon yourself to handle it.


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